Tim Tully currently resides in Richmond Virginia.

I began painting as an early teen and have always been inspired by beautiful compositions. Most of my early paintings were from photographs found in National Geographic Magazines. My first introduction to serious photography was at The Art Institute of Philadelphia in 1991. I took several courses and learned traditional darkroom photography. After graduation, I became an illustrator and graphic artist in corporate marketing, and worked for more than 25 years, while also occasionally teaching visual design.

I have worked many years creating art for my corporate clients. My goal with my photography is to work on projects that are closest to my heart. Today I have a passion, I want to learn and explore. I am constantly looking for ways to improve, evolve and innovate. Since I have a strong graphic design background it was very easy for me to rely on post processing software to get the photo to where I want it. As I grow and learn I rely more on the camera for the heavy lifting and focus more on subject and composition.

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